Shrinky’s Guide to Work The Exploited American Worker

Shrinky’s Guide to Work: The Exploited American Worker When we think of exploited workers we normally think of sweat-shops in a third world country, where people work for pennies a day in horrific conditions. But there is a new class of exploited worker right here in the U.S.A., no matter how much money you make, or your professional status. This all-too-common situation is leading to skyrocketing levels of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, praca szwajcaria dla kobiet and children’s issues.

Sean and Amy come into my psychotherapy office. Though they are well-dressed, they look drawn and stressed. The tension between them is thick. Both work 15-hour days. One works in finance, the other, law. They have both had to change jobs twice in the last three years since the financial meltdown. They feel insecure in their positions, and fear if they don’t work seven days a week, they will be replaced. Sean is experiencing high levels of anxiety. He hates his incompetent boss and is being asked to do things he doesn’t feel good about ethically.

He can’t concentrate and is having trouble sleeping. Amy is depressed. They have two small children. She has to leave them in the hands of a nanny, because if she doesn’t work this hard she’ll be ostracized. Sean and praca holandia przejazd kredytowany Amy are coming into therapy as one last-ditch try before divorce. It seems like ancient history when one salary could be sufficient to have a nice house in the suburbs and provide a fairly nice lifestyle. Dad would be home by six, and the family would sit down to dinner together.

What happened? A recent article in the Huffington Post stated that though the economy is growing again, employment isn’t keeping pace with this growth. The reason? American workers are so productive. What does this mean? It means they are being exploited. When people work 100 hours a week and get paid for 40, of course you are going to get productivity. Since 1980, the compact with the American worker has changed. In the past, the agreement between management and worker was that the company provided security, a decent wage, and good working conditions.

In exchange, the worker offered their loyalty and dam pracę szczecinek good, hard work. Though there were many problems then, “Made in America” meant something pretty damn good. People worked 8-hour-days and lived more balanced lives and we still had the greatest economy in the world. Today, workers are being offered none of that. Things are bad whether you are at the bottom of the ladder and need to work three jobs just to keep up with the gas bills, or you are on top and kept tethered to your blackberry 24/7.

Most workers have no security, in terms of job, health care, or retirement. Wages have stagnated for decades. And workers need to work in ways that interfere with every other aspect of their lives.

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